Watchers: The Unforgiven




The Unforgiven

Book I in the
Watcher Series

Currently Out of Print

Original Publication Date: August 2011, Dorchester Publishing

Reissue Date: Late 2013 



"Why did you follow me to Israel? What could you possibly want from a dying woman?"

"You only think you're dying," Cade said. "You're not."

His arrogance left Maddie gasping. "I think I'm dying? Think? God damn you to hell, Cade Leucetius. I am dying. I've got inoperable brain cancer."

"No. You don't. You're perfectly healthy."

Her laugh was tinged with hysteria. "Healthy? I have a malignant glioma! I'll be underground in six months. Probably sooner. That's a fact."

"No. You may have had cancer a year ago. But not now. Your disease is gone."

Hot tears stung her eyes. How many times had she hoped, had she prayed, to hear those words? Your cancer is gone. But spoken by a doctor. Not by a psychopath. And yet, even knowing the words were utterly false, she couldn't suppress an irrational surge of hope. Hope that poured kerosene on the flames of her anger.

"Damn you, Cade Leucetius. Damn you. You think I need your lies? Your sick jokes? I don't. I know what's happening to me. I know what's ahead. Did you really think I would swallow your fairy tale?"

He gave a grim laugh. "What you're facing, Maddie, is no fairy tale. But cancer isn't a part of it. Your glioma disintegrated not long after the brain surgery that nearly killed you."

"I had chemo after the surgery. That shrunk the tumor."

"No. It happened naturally."

She struck out. Her balled fists connected with solid muscle. "You bastard. What the fuck do you know? Nothing. You're not a doctor. You're not anything. Damn you." She choked on a sob. "Damn you to hell."

She pummeled his shoulder, his stomach, anywhere she could reach. He caught her wrists, first one, then the other. He pressed them to his chest, and held them there, until the fight went out of her.

"Calm down, caraid. I'm mucking this up, I know. But please. Try to listen. We don't have much time before the next wave hits."

"Fuck you, Cade Leucetius. Just...fuck you." Tears streamed down her cheeks. "I don't have to listen to this. I'm dying, damn you. Dying. Don't tell me I'm not. I gave up hope months ago. I can't--not now, I--" Her words dissolved in a convulsive sob.

He released her wrists and grabbed her shoulders. His fingers bit into her skin as he gave a swift shake. Her sobs stuck in her throat.

"Listen to me, Maddie. I'm not telling you what you aren't. I'm trying to tell you what you are. It's no coincidence Simon Ben-Meir's work drew you here to Israel, to that cursed canyon. The man wasn't digging up some obscure legend about ancient angels walking the earth. He was digging up the rotting carcass of your own past. That corpse is real, and uglier than anything you could imagine."

Fear coiled in her belly. "What...what are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about you, Maddie. I'm talking about your very existence, proof of your Watcher forefather's unforgivable sin. These symptoms you're experiencing? The headaches, the hallucinations? You're not dying of cancer.

The Unforgiven"You're changing. From what you thought you were, into what you've always been: the forbidden offspring of angel and human. A crossbred atrocity--human, but with a demon soul. A creature cursed by God and man alike.

He dragged in a breath. "You're like me, Maddie. You're Nephilim."

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