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Tori's Guide to Candle Magic

New-age shop owner Tori Morgan believes in magic. Contractor Nick Santangelo thinks it’s all a bunch of hooey.

The proof is in the results, isn’t it? In the book, Tori casts these seven candle magic spells:

White – Help. Nick suddenly changes his mind about helping Tori after she invokes a spell involving a white candle, sprinkling sugar, and raising the flame above her head.

Black – Reversal. Tori casts a spell to banish negativity using a black candle and a mirror.

Yellow – Intelligence and confidence. Tori lights a yellow candle studded with cloves while seeking some much-needed clarity of mind.

Orange – Attract specific influences. Tori casts a spell involving an orange candle scented with cinnamon oil for success in her new business.

Green – Used for problems concerning money, prosperity, growth, and abundance. Tori casts this spell for fertility, with the aid of green felt, a needle, and a hard-boiled egg.

BlueHealing, peace, patience, and happiness. The location of this spellcasting is important. Tori cast this spell for good luck at the ocean’s edge, with a blue candle is set in a seashell.

Red – Love. Tori casts a spell for love using a red candle anointed with rose oil—but she doesn’t cast it for herself. Drawing down a love spell for your own benefit, or to attract a specific person, often backfires.

Does Tori’s candle magic work? Or, as Nick believes, does everything come down to coincidence?

Read A Little Light Magic and decide for yourself!

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