Druids of Avalon: Keepers of the Light

Award-winning historical fantasy series 


The Druid Ancestors of King Arthur guard the magic of Avalon.

In the time of the Roman occupation of Brittannia, Druidry is outlawed. Druid priests and priestesses flee the sacred isle when the Legion arrives to purge Avalon.  

Two generations later, a handful of survivors, along with their children and grandchildren, return in secret. There, they begin the painstaking task of reclaiming their lost power.

This is their story. 


Lucius & Rhiannon

Book 1

A Celtic queen challenges her Roman captor for the future of her clan and the life of her beloved brother.

Beyond the Books

Book 1.5

Follow Owein through the heartbreaking years between Celtic Fire and The Grail King.


Owein & Clara

Book 2

A scarred Druid joins the daughter of his enemy on a quest to recover a stolen magical grail.

Marcus & Gwen

Book 3

A Druid Priestess and a Roman blacksmith forge a weapon no human can control.

Beyond the Books

Book 3.5

Breena and Rhys become unlikely friends in the years before the series begins.


Rhys & Breena

Book 4

A wandering Druid bard travels his longest journey—into the future—to save the woman he loves.

Series Extra: Location Inspiration!

Photos from real-life places that inspired the Druids of Avalon Series

Lucius Aquila, hero of Celtic Fire, commands the Roman Fort Vindolanda (Northumbria, England). Nearby, Hadrian's wall overlooks the lands occupied by Rhiannon's Celt tribe. Ruins of the Roman Amphitheater in Isca Silurum (Caerleon, Wales) is still in use today as as setting for Roman Army and Gladiator reenactors.

Glastonbury Tor, an imposing hill rising from flat farmland in Somerset, England, was once surrounded by tidal marshland. It's thought to be the mythical Isle of Avalon, a setting in The Grail King and Deep Magic. The Tor is thought to hide an entrance to Annwyn, the Celtic Otherworld. Rhys takes advantage of that fact in Silver Silence.

At the base of the Tor, the water of the Chalice Well, known in the pre-Christian era as the Goddess Well, runs red with iron-tinted water.

Nearby Cheddar Gorge was the site of many lead and silver mines during the Roman era. Cheddar Gorge caves appear in The Grail King and Deep Magic.

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