2013 Montlake Romance (reissue) | novel | 320 pages

Druids of Avalon: Book One

A Celtic queen challenges her Roman captor for the future of her clan and the life of her beloved brother.

  • Winner, Historical Category, Readers and Bookbuyers Best Laurie Award
  • CataRomance Reviewer's Choice Award
  • Winner, Paranormal Category, The Lories Best Published Award


"So beautiful," he said.  "You are mine now."

Rhiannon stiffened.  "Your bed-slave?"

Lucius's eyes glittered like a wash of stars in the winter sky.  "If you wish it."

"A slave has little choice as to her duties."

"True enough, but I'm not in the habit of forcing women into my bed, slave or free."

She forced a laugh.  "You are a Roman."  She let her contempt show in her eyes.  "A defiler."

His hand dropped from her cheek.  He placed his palms on the bed, one on either side of her body and leaned close, so close that his hot breath grazed her neck, though he didn't touch her. 

"I am a man, like any other."


In the wilds of Britannia, a fierce battle rages. Rhiannon, rightful ruler of her Celtic tribe, longs to see the invading Romans driven from her land. But when she takes up her bow to protect her younger brother in battle, she is taken by the enemy.

She can’t deny her reaction to the Roman commander. Though he will not release her, he treats her with respect, even while his dark eyes promise endless nights of wicked delight. And yet Rhiannon is aware of a shadow of grief, and an otherworldly presence lurking just beyond his shoulder.  

Commander Lucius Aquila is haunted by the ghost of his murdered brotheror perhaps he's simply going out of his mind. Whichever the case, the Celtic woman he has captured in battle has the power to make the visions disappear.

Lucius knows Rhiannon can help him solve the mystery of Aulus’s death. He doesn’t know she guards a terrible secret—his brother's murderers are her kinsmen, and the Druid curse that binds the dead man’s soul will not be easily broken.


I was immediately absorbed in the vivid descriptions of the life and people of 117 AD Britannia and the storyline was so fascinating that I found it hard to put the book down. Kudos go to Joy Nash for an excellent job of researching the era and bringing it to life.” ~CataRomance Reviews


Top honors: 5 Angels!  “Lucius and Rhiannon are both strong and have uncompromising beliefs of their worlds, and yet they find that love has no boundaries. The choices that Rhiannon will eventually have to make will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next page.” ~Fallen Angels Reviews


4 Hearts! “Celtic Fire is a rare treasure. The characters are well written and fascinating. You are sure to find your emotions tugged by someone in this story.” ~The Romance Readers Connection 

4 Stars! A suspenseful, haunting, and high-tension romance between conqueror and captive in a sensually realistic setting. A top-notch read.” ~RT BOOKReviews


4 Hearts! “Not once during the course of Celtic Fire did I feel I could guess what would happen next. I had trouble putting the book down.”  ~The Romance Studio

“Rhiannon is a wonderfully strong and feisty heroine, while Lucius is an enigma of strength, love and honor. Together, these two lovers are destined to capture the hearts and minds of the reader.” ~Fresh Fiction

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