Meet the Druids of Avalon

...and the outsiders who join them on their quest to save the misty isle



As Elder Guardian of Avalon, Cyric is committed to Light Magic. He's forbidden the calling of the more dangerous and unpredictable Deep Magic. The ancient power of the gods—which existed before any human notions of good and evil—is too powerful for mere mortals to control. Cyric appears in The Grail King and Deep Magic.



Cyric's grandson. Many on Avalon believe he should be Cyric's heir as Guardian of Avalon, but Cyric has chosen another. Though Rhys would prefer to live on Avalon, Cyric has given him the task of wandering Britain in search of Celts touched by magic. Rhys brings these potential Druids to Avalon so that they may be trained in the Light. For if their magic is left untrained, they could succumb to the powers of the Dark. Rhys is the hero of Silver Silence. He also appears in The Grail King, Deep Magic, and the Beyond the Books short story collection Wanderer.



Rhys's twin sister, chosen by Cyric to be Guardian of Avalon after Cyric's death. Avalon's elders do not believe she deserves the honor. Though charged with training the Druid initiates Rhys brings to Avalon, Gwen constantly shirks her duty. She's forever slipping off into the hills, covering her trail with magic. What is the secret she's hiding? Gwen is the heroine of Deep Magic. She also appears in The Grail King and Silver Silence.



Heiress to great Celtic queens, Rhiannon's homeland was stolen by the advancing Roman army. In the war that followed, her tribe captured and killed a young Roman officer. While protecting her younger brother, Owein, in battle, Rhiannon is taken prisoner by the enemy. Rhiannon is the heroine of Celtic Fire. She also appears in The Grail King and Deep Magic.



Younger brother of Rhiannon. A Druid hermit and Seer, Owein's life has been battered by war and brutality. He believes he is the last of the Druids of old until he senses a hidden power driving a winter storm. Owein is the hero of The Grail King. He also appears in Celtic Fire, Deep Magic, Silver Silence, and the Beyond the Book short story collection Owein’s Journey.



A Roman army commander. When Lucius arrives in Britain seeking the truth about his younger brother's death near a remote fort on the empire’s wild northern border, he's ambushed by hostile Celts. He's stunned to find that the young archer he captures is a beautiful young woman, with an eerie psychic connection to his brother’s ghost. Lucius is the hero of Celtic Fire. He also appears in Deep Magic.



A Roman blacksmith, son of Lucius and later, stepson of Rhiannon. He is also Rhys’s best friend. Though Marcus harbors a deep mistrust of magic, he is fascinated with Rhys's twin sister, Gwendolyn, a Druidess. But he's seen her only once, and isn't likely to encounter her again, as he's been barred from her home on Avalon. Marcus is the hero of Deep Magic. He also appears in Celtic Fire, The Grail King, and Silver Silence.



Marcus's teenaged half-sister, daughter of Lucius Aquila and Rhiannon. Breena's growing power of Sight is growing dangerous. Rhys insists she must be fostered on Avalon, but her brother and parents are reluctant to let her leave home. Breena is the heroine of Silver Silence. She appears in The Grail King, Deep Magic, and the Beyond the Books short story collection Wanderer.



Sheltered daughter of the iron-fisted Roman commander who destroyed Owein's village. With her father lying near death, Clara is desperate to find the stolen grail that can restore his health. Clara is the heroine of The Grail King. She also appears in Deep Magic.



Rhys and Gwendolyn's cousin. As a girl, Blodwen was beautiful and strong in magic. A vicious attack left her broken and scarred, her magic shattered. Blodwen appears in The Grail King.



A Celt dwarf and spy, Cormac is Owein's kinsman from the north. Though he has no magic, he has an uncanny ability to ferret out information, which he offers to the highest bidder. Cormac appears in Celtic Fire and The Grail King.



A Druid of Avalon brought from the North by Rhys. Tall, blond and taciturn, Trevor's dark past is a mystery to the other Druids of Avalon. Trevor appears in Deep Magic and Silver Silence.



Once a starving young boy living in the dirty alleys of Londinium, Penn was rescued by Rhys and now is a teenager living on the sacred isle. Penn appears in Deep Magic.

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