2013 Montlake Romance (reissue) | novel | 334 pages

The Druids of Avalon: Book Four

A wandering Druid bard travels his longest journey—into the future—to save the woman he loves.

  • Finalist, Best Paranormal Historical, Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award 

“Bree, please, listen to me,” Rhys said. Whatever your feelings, you must put them aside. There is nothing between us. There never can be. The sooner you believe that, the sooner your heart will be free to love another.”

The words tasted like bitter ash on his tongue.

“I wish that were true,” Breena said through her tears. They were running down her cheeks, but she made no move to dash them away. “I wish I felt nothing for you. I even wish I could hate you. I’ve tried, you know. I’ve tried very hard. But somehow, I just…can’t.”

She waited a moment. When Rhys gave no reply, her shoulders slumped. She whirled around. After a long moment, she stiffened her spine and walked away.

Just before she faded into the gloom, he whispered after her, “Perhaps, in time, you will.”


Dark magic dooms Rhys to wander the endless roadways and wild forests, searching for Celts with untapped Druid talent. If Avalon is to survive the coming evil, every such person is needed. Though Rhys would prefer to dwell on the misty isle with a wife and children around him, duty demands he lead a solitary life, taking women to his bed but not into his heart.

Dark passion drives Rhys to commit acts that shame him, especially when he believes they’ve been witnessed by the innocent Druidess he’s sworn to protect. Though Breena is now a grown woman, Rhys first encountered her as an innocent child. He despises himself for his dark longings.

When a dark spell steals Breena away, Rhys is the only one who can follow the trail left by her abductor. The signs lead him through the silvery Lost Lands on the edge of the Otherworld. He emerges three centuries into Britain’s grim future. There, an old Druid who seems uncannily familiar plays Breena as a pawn against dark dangers that threaten to extinguish the Light of Avalon forever.

It’s left to Rhys and Breena to unravel the secret linking their past to Breena’s visions of a future King. Only then will they overcome the threat of the Silver Silence.


Four ½ Stars! “Nash beautifully presents another slice of the Arthurian legend featuring characters with great depth. She seamlessly merges the hero's and heroine's maturation with Druid legends as they move 300 years into the future to help ensure Arthur's birth. This tale, full of adventure and romance, will suck you in and be long remembered. As it moves to its startling and totally unexpected conclusion, readers will gasp for breath.”  ~RT BOOKReviews


“Spellbinding! Joy Nash combines her knowledge of Celtic lore with timeless legends and writes breathtaking romance of unconditional love amid a backdrop of lush descriptions and powerful magic. She unveils one surprise after another that notched up the tension until it was all I could do not to skip to the ending.” ~Paranormal Romance Reviews


“I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The romance between Rhys and Breena is a hard road, but one that is worth every dogged step it took to get there, for them and for the reader.”~The Good, the Bad, and the Unread

“A brilliantly told, highly original imagining of the world of Avalon and the birth of the legend of King Arthur.” ~CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

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