The Immortals

Dark magic rises. Only Immortal warriors can restore the light.

A USA Today Bestselling paranormal series by Jennifer Ashley, Robin T. Popp, and Joy Nash


At the dawn of time, Immortal Warriors guarded and guided the fledgling human race. As mankind became self-sufficient, the warriors faded into legend. During the millennia that followed, light and dark magic existed in harmony. Until now.

Death magic is flooding the Earth from an unknown source, upsetting the balance of good and evil and threatening the survival of the human race.

A coven of Light Witches, desperate to save the world, attempt the impossible:

Awaken the Immortals.

Will the Calling succeed? Will the Immortals answer? And if they do, can the warriors' long-dormant magic turn the evil tide?

Joy's Immortals Titles

Kalen & Christine

A Celtic demigodA witch travels to Scotland to convince the Immortal Kalen to join the battle for humanity's survival. Novel. 

Mac & Artemis

A Celtic demigod descends nine levels of Hell to save the soul of a death witch's child. Novel.

Jackson & Leanna

A vampire seeks revenge on the master who enslaved him and the woman who killed him. Short Novel.

Flash Fiction

Enter a dark and deadly vampire club in this tantalizing Immortals short story.



The Complete Immortals Series

Each story can be enjoyed on its own, but for the wildest ride, read all the books in order!

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