"Fantasy romance done right." ~All About Romance


2013 Montlake Romance (reissue) | Novel | 360 pages

Immortals: Book Three

Light witch Christine Lachlan travels to Scotland to convince reclusive Immortal Kalen to join his brothers in the fight to save humanity.

  • A USA Today Bestseller
  • Winner, Dark Paranormal Category: PRISM Award for Excellence in Paranormal Fiction
  • Finalist, Paranormal Category, NJRW Golden Leaf Award

"Christine." Kalen kept his voice deliberately calm. "I've lived almost three millennia. I've lost count of how many times humans have predicted the end of the world. It's never happened. And it's not going to happen now."

Her hands went to her hips, elbows sharply pointed outward. The pose made the neckline of her too-large shirt gape. His gaze flicked to her cleavage.

She glanced down, scowled, and yanked the lacings closed. "Could you please stop ogling me long enough to have a meaningful discussion?"

"Since there's no such activity going on, I believe I'm entirely within my rights to take pleasure in looking at you."


Christine Lachlan is a witch on a missionone that doesn't include falling into bed with a broodingly handsome Immortal Warrior, no matter how hot he looks in a kilt. Christine's tracked Kalen to his remote Scottish castle for one purpose only: to convince the reclusive Immortal to join his three Immortal brothers and the forces of life magic in the fight for humanity's survival.

Kalen and his Immortal brothers were created at the dawn of time to guard and guide the fledgling human race. The only reward Kalen received for his trouble was the pain of human betrayal. He's no longer interested in fighting mankind's battleslet the ungrateful race rescue itself.

When a beautiful, idealistic witch shows up at his castle, asking for his help, he plots to keep her for himself, forever safe in his magical sanctuary. But death magic is growing, and Kalen's insane Immortal brother is fueling the fire.

When dark forces invade Kalen's peaceful oasis, he realizes the apocalyptic battle he's so reluctant to seek out has come searching for him.

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“The Awakening is fantasy romance done right and done well. Battles with demons and other evil creatures, magic blasting everywhere, and walk-ons from a variety of supernatural creatures made turning the pages very enjoyable. Plot twists and turns, the characters scrambling out of one perilous situation only to land into another, romantic drama, and the imminent risk and danger of the world falling to the forces of death magic, kept the story exciting.”  ~All About Romance  


“Joy Nash brings readers the third in the exciting Immortals series. Readers are taken to Scotland to learn Immortal Warrior Kalen’s story in a fantastic paranormal suspense….the Immortals series just keeps getting better.” ~Paranormal Romance Writers Reviews


“Gifted Nash fleshes out the growing threat to the magical and human communities as this thrilling series races towards its conclusion. The power of passion, greed, and jealousy provide rich fodder for this story.” ~RT BOOKreviews  


“Lovable characters, a strong storyline, old secrets, and  more magic than you can shake a spear at. Even not having read the books in order did not affect my enjoyment of this story… Joy Nash has written another beautifully-told story of love and magic. You will not be disappointed. I can promise you that!” ~CK2S Kwips and Kritiques  

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