Location Inspiration!

A trip to Scotland provided location inspiration for The Awakening. Kalen's castle is modeled on two real-life Scottish castles. Castle Dunnottar is not quite on an island like Kalen's home, but it's close! Castle Cawdor provided inspiration for much of the interior of Kalen's fictional castle. Clava Cairns, a group of prehistoric burial mounds and standing stones near Inverness, is the location of Leanna's Sex Tours in The Awakening.

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Tour Kalen's Scottish Castle

The Immortal Kalen once held the role of mentor and champion of the Etruscans. With death magic overtaking the world, Kalen dedicates himself to saving the legacy of the Etruscans’ descendants. When Christine arrives at Kalen’s magically protected Scottish castle, she’s stunned to find great works of Western art reported to have been destroyed by madmen and terrorists had actually been spirited away by Kalen for safekeeping.

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The Sculpture Gallery: Greek, Roman, Renaissance, and Baroque Sculpture

The Rose Room (Christine's Guest Room): Impressionist Art

Kalen’s Bedroom: Dramatic works by Renaissance and Romanticist artists

The Tower Room: Romantic and Erotic Art

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