2013 Montlake Romance (reissue) | novel | 324 pages

Immortals: Book Six

A Celtic demigod descends nine circles of Hell to save the soul of a death witch’s child.

  • A BookScan Top 100 Romance
  • Parnormal Finalist, NJRW Golden Leaf Contest

The elevator lurched sharply upward, as if a giant hand had jerked up on its cable. For an interminable second, they hung motionless. Then whatever force held them aloft snapped, and the cab plummeted.

Mac floundered in the darkness, grabbing hold of Artemis's leg, her elbow, her shoulder. Finally, he managed to wrap his arms around her and brace them both against the side of the cab as the elevator plunged. A sound like a tornado battered his skull.

"Do you know where we're going?" he shouted.

"Now you ask," she yelled back.

"Just tell me."

A shudder passed through her. "We're going as far down as we can go, Mac. We're going to Hell."



Celtic demigod Manannán mac Lir (Mac) is hot on the trail of Artemis Black, a stunningly dangerous witch who is inexplicably able to intertwine life magic with death magic. Her rare talent nearly killed a faerie infant under Mac’s protection. For the safety of his people, he should punish her severely for this crime.

But once Mac runs Artemis to ground, he finds he just can’t handle the sexy, infuriating witch. Artemis is both vulnerable and cunning, and it’s not often that Mac meets a female who can tug at his heartstrings and challenge his magic. Each time Mac thinks he’s got Artemis cornered, she slips from his grasp. Soon, he’s obsessed.

Artemis is desperate. So desperate, she’s been skimming life essence from faeries, despite the inherent danger, intending to barter the stolen magic for the assistance of a ruthless demon. When her spell races out of control, nearly killing a faerie young one, Artemis calls the spell back. But not quickly enough to escape the notice of one very angry, very sexy Celtic demigod.

Passions run high between Artemis and Mac—and so does suspicion. What human would refuse the help of a demigod? Mac’s sure Artemis is hiding something he’s not going to like. It’s clear she’s in trouble, and dealing in dangerous magic. He won’t let her destroy herself. He’s going to stick tight by her side until he uncovers the truth.

Even when she leads him straight into Hell.

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Nash’s bewitching combination of lush, lyrical writing spiced with a dash of tart wit, superbly crafted characters, and sexy, magic-steeped plot is splendidly entertaining.” ~Booklist (posted 5/09)

“Mac Lir is a hero to die for.” ~Romantic Times Book Reviews


“Scintillating and imaginative! Joy Nash creates a wonderful mix of humor and tension-filled danger as Mac and Artemis descend the circles of a Dante's Inferno, a world infested with demons and nightmares familiar to 21st century living nightmares. Whether you loved Dante's Inferno or found it the most tedious excruciating school read--or even if you have never read it, Joy Nash's unusual version is priceless!” ~Merrimon Book Reviews


“Mac’s personality is in full blaze [in Immortals: The Crossing]. It is impossible not to fall in love with this man!” ~Romance Junkies

“The robust characters practically leap from the pages with sharp dialogue that mesmerizes… This extraordinary read comes highly recommended.” ~Coffee Time Romance


The Crossing was fabulous! I was completely enthralled from page one. Mac and Artemis make a killer duo, that is if they can ever trust each other. Those of you who have been following this dynamic series will not be disappointed with this latest edition.” ~The Romance Reader’s Connection

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