The Nephilim: Demons Among Us

Romantic Urban Fantasy 



The children of fallen angels live among us.

Hunted by avenging archangels and zealot demon annihilators, the Nephilim play a deadly game on Earth with magic stolen from Heaven.

Rival clans of Nephilim battle for control of their forefathers' fractured magic while a hellfiend horde circles the globe, taking possession of human souls and committing unspeakable horrors.

Can Arthur Camulus, heir to the magic of Merlin, drag the human race back from the brink of the Apocalypse?

Or will rival Nephilim overturn Heaven and seize the ultimate prize: the immortality lost by their fallen forefathers?


Book One

Arthur & Cybele battle their clan's vicious alpha—and unleash an even more treacherous evil.

Beyond the Books

The Druid clan is called to witness a duel to the death. 

Three Free Short Stories

Book Two

As the hellfiend invasion explodes, archangels and zealot demon annihilators hunt Arthur and his Druids.

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