Meet the Demons who walk among us

...and those who seek to aid or destroy them



Arthur Camulus, at nineteen, is the youngest Nephil adept of the Druid Clan. He’s also the last living direct descendent and heir of Merlin the Sorcerer, the most powerful Nephil in history. At the age of twelve, after witnessing a rival Nephil murder his parents, Arthur was spirited away by Mab, the vicious Druid who seized the alpha position left vacant by the death of Arthur’s father. As the Nephilim series opens, Arthur is experiencing blackouts and uncontrollable fits of magic. His rare, unguided Ordeal may have gained him Merlin’s magic, but has he paid with his sanity?



Cybele Herne, twenty years old, is a Nephil dormant of the Druid Clan. Cybele grew up in Mab’s East Texas Nephil compound. Like all female Nephilim, Cybele came into a portion of her magical talents while still dormant. Hiding the growth of her considerable talent from Mab, she joined Arthur in hatching a risky plot to permanently escape Mab’s influence.



Michael is the youngest of three archangel brothers. Close contact with humanity has left fascinated by humans and their emotions—especially human love in all its emotional and carnal aspects.



Raphael, the oldest of three archangel brothers, has shouldered the role of Steward of Heaven ever since the Almighty settled down for a nap two thousand years ago. When Raphael learns that a Nephil heir of Merlin has inherited the Sorcerer’s dangerous magic, he’s thoroughly horrified. Many centuries ago, Merlin’s magic nearly destroyed the Earth! Will Arthur prove as proud and foolhardy as his ancestor?



Gabriel, the middle archangel brother, is fastidious and proper. He spends his time carrying out messenger duties for Raphael while trying to keep his white linen suit clean.



Mab is a Nephil adept. After the death of Arthur’s father, she assumed the role of clan alpha. Mab’s black whip controls her Nephil compound in the swamps of East Texas as well as her erotic club in Houston. Anyone foolish enough to question her motivations or methods lives to regret it. If they’re lucky.



Luc Herne, Cybele’s twin brother, is a Nephil adept of the Druid clan. Recently emerged from his Ordeal, Luc is enthralled to Mab.



Vaclav Dusek, a Nephil adept and alpha of the Alchemist Clan, is Director of the Prague Institute for the Study of Man, a world-renowned center of anthropological research and archeology. Though Nephilim are allotted a maximum lifespan of 120 years, Dusek, strangely, seems to have been alive for much, much longer.



Shimon Ben-Meir is a human scientist who serves as Director of Archeology at the Prague Institute for the Study of Man. He may or may not be aware that his boss, Dr. Vaclav Dusek, is literally a demon.



Lazlo, a Nephil adept of the Alchemist clan, serves as Vaclav Dusek’s assistant at the Prague Institute. Except for the odd silver cast to his eyes, Lazlo looks like he could be a young clone of Dusek. Maybe because he is.



A skeletal demon with bat wings and a skull-like face, Maweth is better known to humanity as the Demon of Death. He’s feared and hunted, but underneath the black robes he’s a really just a nice little guy who’s been misunderstood for millennia.



Fortunato—or, as he prefers to be called, Lucky—is a brave but dimwitted cherub angel with a penchant for getting into trouble. He’s Maweth’s Best Friend Forever.


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