A Nephilim Series Glossary


The Nephilim 

A race of cursed human/demon hybrid beings, descended from an ancient group of fallen angels known as the Watchers.

Nephil (singular): one of the Nephilim.

Nephilim (plural): more than one Nephil.


The Watchers

A band of two hundred angels who lived on Earth circa 3000 BCE. Contrary to Heaven’s orders, the Watcher angels took human woman as wives and begat a race of hybrid angel-human creatures known as Nephilim. The Watchers taught their children the secrets of Heaven.


The Curse

A judgement upon the Nephilim by the archangel Raphael, for the sin of their forbidden existence.  The Curse removed the souls of the Nephilim, limiting their lifespan to a maximum of 120 Earthly years and cancelling their hope of an afterlife. The Curse sowed dissension among the various clans of the Nephilim, in an effort to prevent them from uniting their salvaged fragments of Heavenly magic.



The state of eternal non-being which all Nephilim enter after death.


The Ordeal

The physical and mental process by which a dormant Nephil becomes adept. During the Ordeal, a Nephil gains full magical powers and the ability to shapeshift at will into a winged demon. A failed Ordeal results in death or insanity.



An adult Nephil who has completed the Ordeal and gained the full magical powers of their clan.



A young Nephil who hasn't yet gained full magical powers via the Ordeal. Male dormants have no magic, while females gain limited powers at puberty.



A Nephil adept who assists a dormant Nephil during their Ordeal. Without a guide, a dormant has very little chance of survival.



Enslavement. A Nephil adept can be enthralled by a Guide upon exiting the Ordeal, or as a result of losing a duel to a more powerful adept. Enthrallment gives the master access to the thrall's mind and magic. Only death can break the bond.


Near-death experience (NDE)

A post-puberty NDE triggers the start of transition for a Nephil dormant. If a young Nephil doesn't experience an NDE and subsequent Ordeal, their cells mutate, causing cancer and an early death.


Ancestral Memories

Memories of Nephil adepts who are now in Oblivion, which are passed on to their direct descendants. Ancestral memories begin to be accessible to a dormant Nephil soon after an NDE.


Aware/Unaware Nephilim

Nephil dormants who grow up as part of a clan are aware of what they are. Nephil dormants living in the general human population who know nothing of their demonic nature are known as unaware Nephilim.



A vicious, mindless demon created from the bitterness of human souls in Hell.


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