"A sharp biblical tale...bursting with action and character development." ~Publisher's Weekly


2017 | joy nash books | novel | 370 pages

The Nephilim: Book One

Arthur & Cybele battle Mab, the Druid clan's vicious and deadly alpha—and accidentally unleash an even more treacherous evil.

  • Booklist Starred Review
  • Finalist, Fantasy, Golden Quill Contest, Desert Rose Romance Writers
  • Finalist, Paranormal, Book Buyers' Best Contest, Orange County Romance Writers

“Two apologies in one day." Cybele kept her tone light. "What’s next? The end of the world?”

Arthur glanced at her. “I’m a mess.”

“You’ll pull out of it.” She sat down beside him. 

He lowered his hands to the table. “I sure as hell hope so. How much more of this can I take? My brain is chaos. There’s nothing in there to hold on to.”

She covered his hands with her own. “Hold onto me, then.”


Arthur Camulus is the heir of Merlin Ambrosius, the most powerful Nephil ever to walk the Earth. Merlin’s vision—a world in which Nephilim and humans live in peace—is a radical notion, one Arthur has risked his life to fulfill.

But the Nephil magic Arthur has inherited from his ancestor is too strong. It’s driving him insane and threatening to upset the balance of good and evil on Earth. Demons and Archangels alike seek his destruction.

Cybele Herne is Arthur's one link to sanity. Seven years ago, when Mab, the Druid clan's brutal alpha, brought Arthur to Texas from England, Cybele knew he was different. Now Arthur is Cybele's best friend and lover. Together, they've hatched an audacious plan to free their clan from the influence of its vicious leader.

If Arthur can’t tame his power, Mab will take control of his magic, and Cybele will become the property of Mab's henchman. With time running short, Arthur and Cybele search for a way out of the maze of treachery—only to discover another, unknown enemy stalking them in the shadows.

Giving up isn't an option, no matter how difficult the path. Then, on one fateful night, a beacon of hope appears. But when Arthur reaches for it, the forces of Heaven and Hell collide.

And everything falls apart.




“A unique and exciting paranormal romance, The Night Everything Fell Apart brings angels and demons to life, all while blurring the line between good and evil.” ~Blue Ink/Booklist Starred Review


In this exciting tale, Arthur and Cybele battle impossible odds against dangerous rival Nephilim and face the archangels on a quest to retrieve the powerful staff of Merlin, the one item that could save them…

Packed with thrilling action and heady romance, The Night Everything Fell Apart is a fantastic read for fans of paranormal romance. A strong series debut, the book resolves its primary conflict while opening the door for further stories to come.” ~Blue Ink/Booklist Starred Review


5 Stars! “Creating a compelling fantasy story with an original, solid plot line is no easy feat, and to combine that with rich, well-developed characters is even more rare.

In The Night Everything Fell Apart, veteran author Joy Nash spins a fast-paced tale of partnership, loyalty, betrayal, lust, good and evil that will have readers hungry for the next installment. The premise is ambitious, the lead characters are impossible to forget, and the writing is a treasure trove of description and passion that defines a gifted writer.” ~Selfpublishing Review


4 Stars/Hot “The first in Nash's Nephilim series is a rollicking good time. Characters are realistically written and infused with humor and passion. Arthur and Cybele are a beautiful couple, their relationship filled with passion, trust and comfort.

Nash's take on the Nephilim, descendants of fallen angels and human women, creates well-drawn conflict, and this along with the suspense and romance elements make this novel a thrilling fast-paced read.” ~RT BookReviews


"A sharp biblical tale...bursting with action and character development." ~Publisher's Weekly/Booklife

“The Night Everything Fell Apart is an appealing dark fantasy, with elements including angels, sorcery, and demons.”  ~Foreword/Clarion Reviews

“Energetic prose drives this supernatural, erotic romance that offers a new twist on the Arthurian legend.” ~Kirkus Reviews

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